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James Halifko Was born July 29,1947 in South Amboy, New Jersey: Grew up in Middlesex County New Jersey; graduated from Carteret High School in 1966, RCA Institute, New York City in 1968, and Burlington County College (AA Physics 1976) in Pemberton, New Jersey. He has been a technician, a singer songwriter, and artist, a soldier, a family man and several other incarnations or variations as a citizen of The United States that is part of the North American Continent on planet Earth.  Except for the time-served in the U.S. Army (1968-1972) he has been a resident of New Jersey.


My legacy: father – Slovak and Hungarian descent; Mother – Polish Parents.

Moje dziedzictwo: ojciec - słowacki i węgierski zejście; Matka - polskie pochodzenie.
Môj odkaz: otec - slovenský a maďarský pôvod; Matka - poľskí rodičia.
Örökségem: apám - szlovák és magyar származású; Anya - lengyel szülők.

Google online translations.

During various phases of life he has been liberal, conservative, liberal again and now (hopefully) objective and balanced. He has survived well into his sixties and acquired a lot of experience along the way; as a “Baby Boomer” the historical period that he has lived through has been rich with scientific and technological advances. But possibly more important, a period filled with social and cultural change. All that transpired has at a pace and scale perhaps never before experienced by the human race during any previous period. All this has overwhelmed, inspired, and troubled him at different time periods of his life.

About writing he has said, “A part of me has had the desire to write; I have written essays, sermons, and anecdotes for my songs. Every attempt to complete something on the scale of a book (a technical book, a historical book or a novel) had for a long time had eluded me. I have many idea fragments, partial journals and unfinished manuscripts to show for it.”

‘FUTURE WORLD ORDER: THE BIG QUESTIONS FOR ALL’ began always an essay but morphed into much more: a book.” And so now ‘author’ has been added to his resume’.

In keeping with an open mind James has devoted a great deal of time to activities on the Internet: Social Media, promoting his music and sharing his art. Friends have often said he was a deep thinker and is curious about almost everything the Cosmos has to offer. James Halifko is socially conscious believes in freedom, equality, education, science and exploration. He often says something along these lines, “Life and, in particular human life, has a great purpose in the Universe: I Believe it is to discover knowledge, improve quality of life for all living things and strive to bring order where chaos dominates. ”

I wrap up this brief mini-bio with a final quote of something James has said several times, “We as humans should do all we can to promote good and foil evil (that is promote order and oppose disorder).  Having a Faith in God is a voluntary belief and does not depend on proof. Many people have a need to believe in a Supreme Being because I recognize we  humans have a spiritual dimension that must be reckoned with. Many of us must acknowledge to be whole even if understanding the differences between scientific and faith-based perspectives are a challenge.”

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