Welcome to My Blog: Kveðjur «Добро пожаловать» ‘WITAMY’ ‘VITAJTE’ ‘ÜDVÖZÖLJÜK’

TAKE NOTE: All images used on my blog are my own: artwork, photos and diagrams, or, from the public domain, free to use or used with permission.  Scripture excerpts from the Holy Bible that are used follow the guidelines stipulated in the front of the edition from where the verse(s) are taken. https://www.crossway.org/support/esv-bible-permissions/

Welcome to My Blog: Kveðjur «Добро пожаловать» ‘WITAMY’ ‘VITAJTE’ ‘ÜDVÖZÖLJÜK’

Welcome to My Blog: Kveðjur «Добро пожаловать» ‘WITAMY’ ‘VITAJTE’ ‘ÜDVÖZÖLJÜK’


Christians we have the same Jesus.

Христиане у нас тот же Иисус.

Chrześcijanie mamy tego samego Jezusa

Kresťania máme toho istého Ježiša.

A keresztényeknek ugyanaz a Jézus.


Send an email with your question or your prayer request to: james@filozofiaquest.com

I will post your questions with an answer on the “Discussion Page” http://wp.me/P5GAJ1-2Xy  and the prayer request on the “Prayer List Page” http://wp.me/P5GAJ1-2XD.

ShuddlecrossGenerally this blog is intended to document and share my quest to gain knowledge and understanding of what we as humans believe reality to be by making use of the intelligence God gave us. I shall primarily reflect on the current cultural and social milieu that exists in The United States of America today as compared to the past.  I shall be looking at this with a Christian perspective because I believe Christian principles helped to establish our nation and gave it its great character.

I shall explore the effects of our perception of reality as our minds process input from all the senses and convert https://filozofiaquest.com/?page_id=11it into data that our brain can store, analyze and integrate within our brain.  With this endeavor we hope to discover distortion and bias within us ; these influences probably will never be fully eliminated, but we may be able to manage them well enough in order to strive for objectivity.  The possibility that such influences gradually allow people to miss trends that weaken our moral foundation and undermine standards of right and wrong is very likely.  To help us recover our moral compass and understand the source of these time-tested standards, I will select  some pertinent verses from The Holy Bible.

The articles will be like the pieces of a mosaic: One in isolation may not yield much information but in aggregate they should offer a complete image.  My hope?  My hope is to recognize what changes have taken place over time that reveal which principles have been altered:  principles that have served to establish our Nation as a free society that has  offered the best life possible for our people and then, revive and renew them for the benefit of all.

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James Halifko

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  1. It looks sharp, James! I like the look . . . better than some places my stuff appears, in fact, but I won’t mention any names as I have bills to pay!

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